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Hi and welcome back.

I’m posting this as I just saw this on the BH Photo website while shopping for another California Sunbounce item.

If you know me or have taken any of my workshops or been to any of my presentations, you know I am a huge supporter of the California Sunbounce system.  It is lightweight, super easy to setup, and rolls into itself for storage and transport, making it one of the most versatile reflectors on the market.

However, the problem with the system is its cost: it is expensive!  Even though I’ve owned my Micro Mini for almost 10 years, it is hard to justify the expense.

Normally the unit costs $189.00, but I just saw a huge price drop on the BH Photo website to $107.00 for the 20 x 30 silver/white:

BH Photo

I love this reflector, and it is the first item in my bag when heading out to a shoot.

It is compact, versatile, light, and attaches to a nightstand so you can work alone.

Here are some BTS shots of it being used on location and in the studio:







Check out this system on BH Photo’s website.  If you want an amazing reflector at a very reasonable price, remember this is photography, then go for it!

That’s it for now.  Till next time, happy reflecting!