March 7 Off Camera Flash Workshop


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Hi and welcome back.

March is going to be a busy month for workshops, so I’m going to promote them here 1-2 weeks prior to each workshop.

The March 7, workshop is an Off Camera Flash workshop in my studio.  I’ll cover multiple lighting setups for OCF.  There will be no one light photos, every shot will be with 2-3 speed lights with a small selection of commercially available modifiers.

Location: Studio, 233 Boston Post Rd, Orange, CT 06477

Cost: $120.00, you can register with the Paypal link above or contact me directly

Time: 11-3 pm


Rogue Flash benders



California Sunbounce

I shoot with products you can purchase easily from any supplier.





High Key

And more!

Our model is Megan, an aspiring professional model based in CT and NYC:

_RVH9862 1

_RVH0073Hope to see you there for a great OCF workshop!

Till next time, happy shooting!

March Workshops


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Hi and welcome back.

The Spring is shaping up to be pretty busy with workshops.

Here’s a list of what is going on in March.  If there are no links or you want to attend a workshop, contact me directly by text: 203-641-2880.

The Multi Light Flash Workshop

March 7, 2015

My studio, 233 Boston Post Rd, Orange, CT

Multi-Light portraits using 2-3 flashes, no one light setups here!

Cost: $120.00

Time: 11-3

Model TBD

The NYC Small Flash Workshop (This is the final reschedule of the past cancelled event)

March 14, 2015

Location TBD

1-3 light portraits using OCF

Cost: $300.00

Model TBD

I’ll have all info in place and updated when I return from WPPI

Foolproof Portrait Lighting

TF Camera, Vineland, NJ

Friday, March 20, 2015

Location: Ramada Inn, Vineland

Time: 6-9 pm

Model TBD

One Speedlight, 16 Looks

TF Camera, Vineland, NJ

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Location: Ramada Inn, Vineland

Time: 10-5pm

Model TBD

TF Camera Links

Foolproof Portraits

One Speedlight, 16 Looks

Both Combined

Off Camera Flash Revealed

This is Part 1 of a Phottix and Milford Photo Sponsored Event

Date: March 28, 2015

Hyatt Place, Milford, CT

Time: 10-12

Basic OCF lighting

2 model shooting stations

Register here

Multilook Lighting

This is Part 2 of a Phottix and Milford Photo Sponsored Event

Date: March 28, 2015

Hyatt Place, Milford, CT

Time: 1-3

Advanced Lighting

1 model for advanced lighting looks with multiple lights

Register Here

That about sums it up for March!  If you are interested in registering for any event and need help, email or text me and I can direct you to the proper links or people involved.


As always, all my workshops are shooting events, so bring your camera and be ready to shoot some frames!

Hope to see you there!





BH Photo Event Space Mixed Light Presentation


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Hi and welcome back.

This past Wednesday I went down to the BH Photo Event Space for a two hour presentation on mixing strobe light with speed light.

This was a sponsored event by Phottix and Expoimaging, so I exclusively used the new Phottix Indra TTL strobe, Phottix Odin Trigger, and Rogue Flashbenders.

The Phottix Odin/Indra strobe combination is the only light/trigger system on the market that allows you to control the output of both strobe and flash and trigger them in TTL or Manual mode.

Julie Dawson came in for the two hours and we just had a blast!

Phottix Indra

Phottix Odin

Rogue Flashbenders

Rogue Gel Kit

Here are some proofs from the day.

Key: Rogue Flashbender 2 XL Pro

Fill: Phottix Indra, 45″ reflective umbrella

Julie Dawson BH Photo Mixed Light 02 18 2015_0018In this shot:

Key: Phottix Indra, 45″ shoot through umbrella

Fill: California Sunbounce Micro Mini

Hair: 2 Rogue Flashbender 2 XL Pro strip grids with Rogue Oklahoma Yellow gels

Julie Dawson BH Photo Mixed Light 02 18 2015_0034In this shot:

Key: Phottix Indra, shoot through umbrella

Fill: California Sunbounce Micro Mini

Back: 2 SB800’s with the Flashbender 2 XL Pro for high key

Julie Dawson BH Photo Mixed Light 02 18 2015_0048

In this shot, the Three Light Triangle:

Key: Phottix Indra with shoot through umbrella

Fill: 2 SB800’s, each with a Flashbender XL Pro with diffusion panel

The lights were set in a triangle, you can see the three catchlights in Julie’s eye:

Julie Dawson BH Photo Mixed Light 02 18 2015_0066

And finally we shot some 40’s Glamour:

Key: Phottix Indra with 7″ reflector and 20 degree grid

Hair: SB800, Flashbender 2 small

Back: SB800, Rogue 25 degree grid

Julie Dawson BH Photo Mixed Light 02 18 2015_0091

That’s it for today.

I’m updating the blog soon with a bunch of upcoming events, so stay tuned.

Till next time, happy shooting!



Matt’s Actor Headshot


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Hi and welcome back.

Tuesday Matt came in for his actor headshots.

I’m gearing up for the Spring season and Matt came on an unusually warm February day, so what did we do?  We started the session outside as I’m dying to shoot outside!

Matt chose the 2 hour sitting, so we did a lot of looks in the time.

Here are proofs from his sitting.

We started outside in natural light:


Then we headed in and did high key.  I offer high key because I think it is making a comeback.  It was popular 5-6 years ago, fell out of fashion, but I think it is coming back in popularity:


Then we went to a mid-key look with a dark shirt:

_RVH0875And then mid-key with a lighter toned shirt:


Ending finally with a traditional three light key, hair, and background lighting setup:

_RVH1007All-in-all we did a lot of work in just 2 hours.

The hard part now is choosing his final image!

If you are in need of headshots for any reason: Actor, Model, Corporate, etc., don’t hesitate to contact me for a sitting.

Till next time, happy shooting!


The One Light 101 Workshop


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Hi and welcome back.

I’m attaching one proof image from each lighting look we did last Saturday.  The day was a success not only due to the lighting but due to Ely, our model!

So I taught how to use one light in a multitude of different ways.

Here is my gear list:

Nikon Sb910, with Nikon SD9 battery pack

Phottix Ares Triggers

Small Rogue Flashbender

Photoflex 45″ Convertible Umbrella

Lastolite Tri Grip silver/white reflector

Westcott Omega reflector

And that is it!

We got great results with just this gear, take a look:

Direct hard light:

_RVH0404Speed light from behind into the Westcott Omega:

_RVH0425Simple bounce flash with a small Rogue Flashbender:

_RVH0443Reflective umbrella:

_RVH0448Reflective umbrella from the side:

_RVH0462Collapsed Umbrella:

_RVH0476Shoot through umbrella direct with a reflector below:

_RVH0492Over and under beauty:

_RVH0516Traditional Key and Fill:


And finally, full body with a shoot through umbrella:


That is all the looks we did with the amazing Ely and one light source and a reflector.

Keep an eye out for upcoming workshops soon as my travel schedule is getting set now.

Thanks and till next time, happy shooting!









Tomorrow’s One Light 101 Workshop and JD


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Hi and welcome back.

My workshop tomorrow, “One Light 101″ is a go!  If you are interested, there are still spots available.


One Light 101, multiple lighting looks with 1 speedlight

Location: My studio, 233 Boston Post Rd, Orange, CT

Time: 11-3

Cost: $120.00, Register with the Paypal link above

Bring your camera to learn technique and shoot for portfolio.

Ely is our model:


On to a regular post.

Yesterday JD came in for updated headshots.  She was amazing and really knew how to pose, so we knocked out what we needed quickly and then decided to do something a bit more creative.

Our first look was the one light high key look I’ve fallen in love with.  This is so simple.  Put your subject right against a wall and just shoot.  I also remembered BTS shots for you.

Set your reflector about mid-chest height and stand in between the light source and your subject for beautiful, simple, elegant high key light.

Here I used a Lastolite Tri Grip.  All images taken with the new Phottix Indra, 36″ silver-lined beauty dish with diffusion, and triggered by the Phottix Odin.

_RVH0147 _RVH0194 _RVH0196Then I did a more glamorous wrapping light using the Lastolite Tri Lite MK II.

I love this reflector for its wrapping quality of light.

_RVH0246 _RVH0265 _RVH0266Once you’ve gotten the images your client wants, try to do something different and creative.  Not only will you please your client with and extra look, but you may surprise yourself with succeeding in doing a look you may not have considered.

Here, I put up a black felt backdrop and set my light high and aimed down for super dramatic light and a great black backdrop:

_RVH0369 1 _RVH0369 _RVH0397 _RVH0398That’s it for today.

I hope to see you soon and if you want to come in to tomorrow’s one light workshop, we’ll be doing these types of looks with just a speed light.

Register with the above Paypal link.  

Till next time, happy shooting!

With Megan


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Hi and welcome back.

My shoot with Megan on Tuesday went swimmingly!

We worked in several different styles to give her the beginnings of her model portfolio.

Here are a few shots from our sitting:

High Key Beauty.  I’ve been working on several different ways to shoot this look and have really fallen in love with this simple one light setup.  I place my subject right against a white wall, I set my strobe light high and above but behind me for frontal flat light, and then I set a silver reflector right about chest height.  The look is clean, high key, and the light is perfect:

Phottix Indra, 36″ Silver-Lined Beauty Dish with diffusion, Lastolite Tri Grip silver side up:



For another look, I broke out my fluorescent lights.

I built these lights from an online tutorial I found here:

Joe Edelman

Please note, the only drawback to the DIY System is that the T8 bulbs are not perfectly color balanced.  So each bulb is not the same temperature across the board. Even with a custom White Balance, I have to adjust the WB in Post to get it accurate.

Two years ago I built these units, but I have since found these at HTG Supply.  These units are complete and, I believe, have better color balance.  I have not tried them, but their value is excellent and I’m considering getting a set:

HTG Supply

For now, I’m using the Joe Edelman DIY version.  I love the light and it costs about $300.00 for two lights compared to $1,200.00 for one 4′ Kino Flo.

Here are two proofs.  You can see the cateye catchlights in her eyes and how I have the lights set vertically for beautiful, smooth, flat light:

_RVH9829 _RVH9862 1I forgot to take a BTS shot, but here is one from stock:

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 9.04.40 AMThat’s it for today.

I took out my fluorescents for the first time in a long time and have fallen back in love with them.  Look for upcoming posts on using them professionally and maybe even the lights from HTG Supply.

Also, I’m super busy putting together my Spring workshop schedule.  I’m keeping close this year and holding back on a lot of far travel, so I’ll be sticking mostly to the East Coast.

Look for workshops here:

Photopia, Miami

Pitman Photo, Miami

Cameras ETC, Delaware

10two5 Studio, Philadelphia

TF Camera, NJ

Summit Camera, NJ

and of course in NYC and CT

That’s it for now, till next time, happy shooting!



Reschedule of the NYC Workshop Today


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Hi Everyone,

The NYC workshop at the Space 4 Shoots studio has been rescheduled till January 31.

I chose to cancel based on the weather.  I have a few attendees traveling to the workshop from a fair distance and felt that “Better safe than sorry” was the proper thing to consider.

The Workshop will be re-posted on Sunday.

If you are interested, there are still spots left.

I’ll be using all small flashes and great gear from:

Rogue Flashbenders



California Sunbounce

Our Model the the day is Julie Dawson:


_RVH7652 rt bw


Look for an update tomorrow!

Join in the fun if you can, this will be a great one!

Till next time, happy shooting!

The Upcoming NYC Workshop, January 24


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Hi and welcome back.

My first Off Camera Flash workshop of 2015 in NYC will be held on January 24.

To register, you can use the Paypal link above, contact me directly, or join and register through my Meetup page.  

Location: Space 4 Shoots (Adelante Studio), 25 West 31st St, Second floor

Time: 11-5

Date: January 24, 2015

Cost: $300.00 per person

I’ll cover multiple speed light techniques going from 1-3 lights using various modifiers including:

Rogue Flashbenders and grid

Westcott 43″ Orb and Strip softboxes

California Sunbounce reflector

If I can fit it in the bag, the Lastlite Tri Lite MK II

Convertible umbrellas

Bare flash

This workshop is geared to all levels of photographers, so bring along your camera, lenses, spare cards, and batteries for a great day of shooting different looks from headshot, to commercial on white and color to fashion.

Model TBD

Styling by Reena Shaw

If you have any questions, you can contact me through my blog or call or text:


Thanks and I hope to see you there!


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