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Hi and welcome back.

I’ve had a request to add a post on the model polaroid sitting.  The term polaroid to describe this look is a holdover from the film days when a polaroid camera was used to get immediate photos for a models book or during a casting.  This allowed the agency to have access to photos of the model for future use.

The look today is also called digitals.

Currently, some agencies require only a few images, but when I shoot polaroids I give the model 9 shots so that he or she is covered for every agency.  Some agencies require all the shots and some only a headshot and full body or some combination of images.

Normally, the sitting is done with the model in a two piece bathing suit and includes these looks.

If you have long hair, pull it back into a ponytail so the agent can see your face.  You can always let it out upon request.

The shots include:

Headshot front

Headshot side

2/3 body front, one side, right and left on an angle to the camera

Full body front, side, back

I always include all of the shots in the sitting so the model is covered to send images to agencies with differing requirements.

I use a single strobe light and a large softbox, like a 3 x 4 to get plenty of soft light.

_RVH7544 _RVH7543 _RVH7542 _RVH7541 _RVH7540 _RVH7539 _RVH7538 _RVH7537 _RVH7536

Once I have taken all the shots, I put them into an 8.5 x 11 format for the model’s book, like this: julie-dawson-polaroid-print-1


Polaroids can be done with a smartphone: they don’t need to be done professionally.  But if I shoot a model portfolio, I offer it as part of the package so the model leaves with a complete set of updated images.

Currently, I’ve seen polaroids done in clothing, almost like a simple commercial fashion look.  I’ve not shot them that way, but it would seem to be easy to accomplish to send images to an agency.

I hope this helps!

Till next time, keep shooting!