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Hi and welcome back.

I met Brendan on location to do his Actor headshot this past Saturday.  He knocked it out of the park within the first few minutes of the shoot.  So after we had the typical actor headshot “in the can”, I wanted to try something different.

I wanted to try something dramatic.  I don’t shoot a lot of men, so adding cool photos to my portfolio was also an ulterior motive for moving to another, more dramatic look.

I posed him in front of a brick wall.  He comes from an hour away from me, so we met at a location I use that is about exactly half way from the both of us.  Working on location poses a unique set of difficulties.

But I used the new Interfit Photographic S1 Battery Powered Moonlight to shoot the job perfectly.

If you’ve not seen the new S1’s, check them out!  At 1/2 the price of a Profoto B1 and with the ability to shoot with battery power or plug into a wall socket for mains power, it smokes the B1 in terms of usability.

Here is a post I did explaining the system: Interfit S1 Review

Now to the images.

Here is an unretouched proof of the final look.  It is dark and edgy and hard.  This is a look I rarely do but am totally enthralled by it and love it:


Here is how I shot it.

I removed my usual 24 x 30 softbox and added a 7″ reflector and 20º grid to isolate Brendan and light just his face and upper body.

Gear: Interfit S1 Moonlight with reflector and grid

Matthews C-Stand

Pocket Wizards

Impact 15 pound sand bag_DSC9232 _DSC9233

Here are two more proofs:

_DSC9226 1

This was a really cool look we both liked.  While it is a departure from the traditional actor shot, I think taking the time and risk really paid off for both of us.

That’s it for now.  Till next time, get risky with your light!