About and Contact

Thanks for stopping by, here’s some info about me.

Contact: 203-540-8821 or


I stutter when I get really excited, I’m rarely not in jeans, I love light, I love my family, including our Bearded Golden Dragon Chazz, I’m impatient and sometimes rash in judgement

College: University of New Haven, B.A. English Literature

Favorite Movie: The Blues Brothers

Favorite Book: The Things They Carried, Tim O’Brien

Favorite Food: Steak and my homemade apple pie

Favorite Photography Quote: “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough,” Robert Capa

Second Favorite Photography Quote: “Is this the best you can do with the light you had?” Anonymous

Third Favorite Photography Quote: “So long as I possess a camera, there will be no rest,” Cecil Beaton

Favorite Quote: “We should jump at opportunity as quickly as we jump to conclusions,” Benjamin Franklin

Favorite TV Shows: Breaking Bad, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The League, Modern Family, 60 Minutes, Saturday Night Live, Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood

A Few of Many Favorite Songs: Love Shack by the B52’s, Clocks by Coldplay, Simply Irresistible by Robert Palmer, Help by The Beatles, Good by Sister Disco by The Who

Favorite Camera: The one in my hand

Favorite Photographers:

Dan Winters

Norman Jean Roy

Mark Seliger

Patrick Demarchelier

Cliff Mautner

Joe McNally

Dave Black

Peter Hurley

2 thoughts on “About and Contact”

  1. Hello,
    Would love to pick your brain. I’m a mother of two and have always taken pictures but no formal training. Back in 2008 I was excepted to the Hallmark Inst. of Photography in MA. I could not attend because my husband was deployed at the time and was shipped home with brain cancer. We also had a 5 month old son running around the house. So here we are three years later, my husband is cancer free! My little boy is 2, and my daughter 1. We are thriving and growing and it is time to pursue photography again.
    I noticed you mentioned you love to teach. Not sure where you are located in relationship to NY where we live. I am in the market for a new camera. I have no idea where to begin. The only cameras I have ever used where the manual cameras from back in the day. My step dad used them for teaching…never digital. Not I have to pocket digitals that are not quick enough to keep up with my eye – so to speak. What should I be looking for. What kind of lens? And what kind of camera has a quick shutter setting that allows you to take multiple pictures with one click?

    Thank you in advance, and be blessed! Kol Tuv (take care) Zie,

  2. Hi Lyndzie,

    Let me thank you for contacting me and best of luck to you and your family. I’m relieved to hear your husband is doing so well!

    I currently shoot Nikon and recommend Nikon or Canon cameras. There are multiple cameras to choose from depending on budget. Do some online research and then I can let you know. Choose Nikon or Canon as you’ll find as you grow in photography these two brands are the most supported and have the best lineup of equipment and lenses.

    Head down to B+H, Adorama, or Calumet if you can and shop. Choose a camera that feels comfortable in your hand as this is important. If you aren’t comfortable, you won’t use it.

    I’m in and out of the city, where are you located? We can meet and work something out for private instruction or you can join me in a workshop. I teach a lot of workshops during this time of year as my wedding work doesn’t really start till Spring.

    You’ll have better luck emailing me directly: rvh34@hotmail.com

    I hope this helps!


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