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Hi and welcome back.

I just spent 5 days in Las Vegas teaching OCF for Expoimaging and Nissin Flash at WPPI.  If you haven’t made it out to Vegas for this event, definitely check it out and try for 2017.  It is a fabulous event in a wonderful location, the perfect late winter getaway to start the season off right!

Here are a few highlights from the trade show:

The mirrorless revolution is expanding with new offerings from Fuji and Olympus.  Sony is releasing 3 new lenses for it’s FE mount mirrorless cameras.  The mirrorless cameras are becoming a thorn in the side of the bigger D-SLR companies.

On a side note, I was watching House of Cards episode 2 last night from the new season and a surveillance photographer was using a Sony camera.  That used to be Nikon or Canon, so look for that more often now.

Interfit showcased its new self-contained monolight, the S1.  It looks like a Broncolor Siros and has a removable battery like a Profoto B1.  Priced lower than these two lights, Interfit is attempting to re-brand itself with better quality gear.

Nissin, who I worked for, has the new Di700A and Air Remote.  A great alternative to more expensive speed lights, the Di700A is awesome in that you can get one speed light and change Air 1 remotes, so you can shoot different camera brands and only change the remote for that camera.

Expoimaging, who I also worked for, is releasing a new set of white grid inserts.  These give a more even spread of light over their black grids.  They are also releasing the Super Soft Silver Reflector.  This new reflector uses a unique silver/white surface that was included in some older Flashbender units.  With an abundance of leftover material, they are entering the collapsible reflector market with a unique silver surface that provides an amazing reflected light.

Drones, last year was about drones with a booth on every corner; this year I saw only 2 drone manufacturers.

Printing and books.  If you sell books and albums, there was no shortage of companies there to sell you books.  There was also a huge influx of overseas manufacturers: books, prints, and albums dominated this year.

That’s about it.  If you missed WPPI this year, try to make it out.  Las Vegas is a great place with a lot to do and see, plus enjoy the show!

A quick note on workshops:

One Speedlight, 16 Looks is next Saturday.  Interested?  Please register by Thursday or I will have to cancel.

Photo Uno is March 29.  Sign on at Photo Uno for this free event on speed lighting.

April 2 is a fitness workshop at Crossfit Expressions, Stratford.  Link will be live soon.

April 9 is Advanced Speedlighting in NYC.  Sign on soon so everything can be confirmed.  Learn advanced techniques using simple gear.

That’s it for now, till next time: happy Spring!


Here are a bunch of proof images I shot for Expoimaging and Nissin Flash: