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Hi and welcome back.

I’m going to give you the current workshop list for the next month or two to get them out there.

Interested in learning lighting?  Then don’t miss out as all my workshops are shooting events, bring your camera and lenses and shoot the looks I shoot and teach.

Here’s what is up for now:

Photo Uno Sponsored Presentation

March 29

6:30-8:30 pm

Join me at Photo Uno in Manhattan for an Expoimaging sponsored presentation on shooting small flashes.  I’ll go from simple to complex lighting setups to show you how to get amazing results with small flashes and Rogue Flashbenders

Registration Link: Photo Uno

Our model is Laura Dewey:



Fitness Photography Workshop at Crossfit Expressions

Crossfit, 1341 West Broad St, Stratford, CT

April 2

1-4 pm

Cost: $160.00, use Paypal link above to register

Join in as I teach lighting the commercial high key shot for fitness, commercial on color, bodyscaping, and the P90X Style of high contrast black and white for fitness.

Our model is the Amazing Rachael Anders:



BH Photo Event Space

April 4

1-3 pm

Creative lighting presentation to bring your work to the next level using small flash modifiers and gels.  Don’t miss this free event at BH Photo.

Our model is Tina Scariano:



The Advanced Speedlight Workshop in NYC

Space 4 Shoots, 25 W 31sr St, Manhattan

April 9

1-5 pm

Cost: $260.00, use paypal link above to register

I’ll show you how to light effectively and creatively using techniques from fashion to get amazing results from your flashes and simple modifiers.  The last NYC Headshot workshop was a raging success, don’t miss this one as headshots will be included.

Our model is NYC professional Daria Bardola from Anomaly Models.

Daria Bardola


Unique Photo: The Headshot

April 30


Unique Photo, Fairfield, NJ

Link to follow.

I’ll be teaching the headshot.  We’ll have 3 models and 3 stations to run through multiple lighting setups and looks for the Headshot.  Can’t afford Kino Flo’s or the new Westcott headshot setup for $5,000.00?  Let me show you how to achieve the same results with portable speed light gear.


That’s about it for now.  I’m stacking up the travel and the workshops for Spring, so join in the fun and don’t miss a moment of shoot time!

Remember, all my workshops, except for Photo Uno, are shooting workshops.  I set it up, teach the look, and we all shoot for our portfolios!

Hope to see you there!