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Hi and welcome back.

Last Thursday I was at the BH Photo Event Space teaching a quick one light workshop.

I’ve been struggling with getting Behind-the-Scenes or BTS shots when working in such confined quarters.  Until I just found Set A Light from Elixxier.

Set A Light

This software allows you to build sets and then export them to assistants, clients, or anyone who needs it.

And, it does it in 3D modeling.  Simply add your information, grab lighting, modifiers, and tools from the kit and build a set and then export it to a PDF for email or print.

Here’s a sample.  I’ll have a larger, more detailed post on the software soon.

Here’s my image:

SB910, Reflective Umbrella

BH Event Space One Light Julie Dawson 10 29 20150261

Here’s the Set A Light diagram converted from PDF to Jpeg:

One Speedlight Reflective Umbrella

Here’s my second image:

SB910, Reflective Umbrella, California Sunbounce Reflector

BH Event Space One Light Julie Dawson 10 29 20150266

Here’s my Set A Light Diagram for the above setup:

Set A Light One Speedlight with CS Reflector

You can see how I added a reflector and a camera for position.

This is a great software that allows you to build a set and then have it ready before your shoot or have an easily translatable diagram for a BTS setup shot.

Many thanks to Julie Dawson for coming in to BH Event Space to model for me that day.  I’ll have more on that event and a detailed post on Set A Light soon.

Till then, happy shooting!