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Hi and welcome back.

For my last presentation at the Expoimaging booth, I did 40’s style Hollywood Glamour.

This has become my signature look with the Rogue Flashbenders, and I totally love it.

The light is hard and contrasty and produces deep shadows.  This is a look that needs to be retouched in PS as the light is so bright and hard on skin: it shows every blemish there is!

This is my basic setup for this look:

Key: SB910 @ 1/8 power with Small Rogue Flashbender as a snoot

Hair: SB800 @ 1/4 power with Large Rogue Flashbender as a snoot

Back: SB800 @ 1/4 power with a 25º Rogue Grid on a Gray Backdrop

Here is a color version and then a B/W.  I’ve been doing all of my B/W conversions lately in Alien Skin.  It is an amazing software for creative effects.


Expoimaging_Photoplus_Expo_Julie_Dawson_Saturday_10_24-Exposure_bw soften moderate

Then I tried a single light headshot that was inspired by a photo I saw of Hedy Lamarr.

This is a single SB800 with a Large Rogue Flashbender as a snoot:


Expoimaging_Photoplus_Expo_Julie_Dawson_Saturday_10_24_-Exposure_bw soften moderate

I love, love this style of lighting as it is so direct and hard.  Want soft light, go elsewhere!

Many thanks to Expoimaging for having me in their booth and to Julie Dawson for being an amazing model for me and all the photographers in the booth.

Till next time, happy shooting.