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Hi and welcome back.

It has been a few weeks since my last post, but with the kids in school and the summer ending I’ll be posting back to my regular schedule.

I was a bit in a professional rut this August, so I decided to jump into shooting landscapes again.  I just needed a change of scene.

Last Saturday night I stopped by Gulf Beach in Milford where I live and took a few frames.  The sky at sunset was not that great, but I used a Neutral Density and a Magenta filter to add exposure time and color to the otherwise listless sky.

If you shoot landscapes, you should have these filters.  I use the Lee Brand:

Filter Holder

3 Stop Neutral Density


After raw conversion and some color boost, here are my three faves:




Step outside your comfort zone once in a while or just go back to your roots.  I started my career in photography shooting flowers and then rapidly went to landscapes as I loved the light.

Keep your camera with you at all times and shoot as often as you can.  I got three great shots out of only 25 frames.

I had fun, met another photographer there, and just chatted the whole time.  Get out there and shoot!!

Till next time, happy shooting!