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Hi and welcome back.

I took last week off during the lazy days of Summer.  I’ll be posting only a few times a week until September and the kids are off to school.

For today, let’s take a look at the importance of styling.

If you are a going to a photoshoot, no matter who you are or what your need, styling is very important for a few reasons:

  1. You look great after pro pampers your face and hair
  2. It makes the photographer’s or retoucher’s job so much easier when post processing
  3. If you are a model, male or female, and you can do your own styling, you will sometimes get hired over other models who can’t do this.  So as budgets shrink, learning to do it yourself is beneficial.

Now on to hair, makeup, and nails.

For hair, if you are doing a concept shoot or beauty shoot that requires you to have crazy hair, then keep it simple and clean but add body so if a fan is added you have the volume to move around.

For makeup, stick to neutral tones that enhance your eyes and overall tone.  Again, unless you are doing something specific, keep it simple and elegant.

Nails are a pet peeve of mine.  Keep them clean, manicured, and use a neutral or light tone color on them so they disappear in the image.  Don’t arrive to your shoot or job with broken nails or chipped neon purple nails.  If your hands wind up in the image, you’ll be happy you had your nails done and ready for the shoot.

Here is a proof of a shot I did a while back.

Notice how the tones of her lips, face, and around the eyes are even and neutral.  Her hair has had a blowout at a salon so that there is volume to it, even though you can’t see too much of it.  But most importantly look at her nails.  They are in great shape and the color on them blends with her skin tone, so they disappear in the image and don’t detract from her face:


Because her skin is evenly toned, her hair is controlled with product, and her nails blend perfectly, retouching is easy.

Here is a final retouch done by my retoucher:


If you are learning to style yourself, here is a guide I got from InStyle Magazine that will help you choose colors for your skin tone:

Headshot Makeup Copy

That’s it for today.  Till next time, happy stylin’.