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Hi and welcome back!

Happy Fourth of July weekend.  It’s going to be a beauty, so if you are heading out to shoot some fireworks, here is a quick primer:

Firs a little known fact, the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 2, July 4 is the date it went out to the printer!

Here are a few tips on shooting fireworks this weekend:

  • Get to your location early
  • Use a tripod and cable release
  • Base Exposure: 4 seconds @ f/8, ISO 100 or 200, WB Auto or Incandescent
  • Get set up early to shoot.
  • Wait till the first discharge of fireworks to focus and shoot and then just keep shooting till you get what you want, adjusting shutter speed as you go.
  • I’ve found that the fireworks are so bright you should be able to focus with Auto, but you can also set your focus on the first blast and then preset the focus to that point
  • Shoot during the first rounds of explosions for best results.  Multiple firework discharges can add a lot of smoke to your images.  Shoot right away and then wait for a spell for sky to clear
  • Black card trick: Set exposure to 30 seconds and cover the lens with a black card, this allows multiple bursts of fireworks to register on just one frame
  • Have Fun!!!

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 6.52.38 AM

Now on to the upcoming workshops.

First, on July 9, I’m running a Beauty Headshot Workshop at Studio 52 North in Middletown, CT:

Location: Studio 52 North, Middletown, CT

Date: July 9

Time: 11-2

Cost: $160.00, use paypal link above or call with ATM/CC card info: 203-540-8821

We’ll be shooting my favorite look for the headshot: Beauty.

As a new Interfit Photographic sponsored photographer, we’ll be shooting all Strobe Lights, using the new Interfit S1 monolight and related Interfit modifiers.

If you are interested in theses lights, I have a 10% off coupon code redeemable at the Interfit website for any Interfit gear: harrington10

Interfit Photographic

After brief instruction on the gear and look, we’ll shoot these 4 looks with the possibility of going to a 5th look if there is time:

Beauty on White with 2 Lights

Beauty on gray/blue paper, 2-3 lights

Beauty with colored gels, 3 lights

Creative beauty using sports tape for a really cool creative look

If there is time: Beauty using only grids: 10, 20, and 40º grids with 4 lights

Here are samples:

The second workshop is in Boston on July 16 at Theia Studios.

I’m heading back to Boston for the first time in about 3 years.  The last time I taught there I was with E.P. Levine, which sadly went out of business in late 2015.

But I’ve been invited to teach my Headshot Workshop at this new studio:

Theia-Studios in North Andover, MA

Registration link: Theia Studios

Date: July 16, 2016

Time: 11-4

Cost: $159.00

This is a very popular workshop where I teach multiple headshot looks using a few speed lights and simple, commercially available modifiers, including:

Shoot Through Umbrella

Rogue Flashbenders

Bowens 20×30 softbox

Interfit Collapsible Beauty Dish

Interfit S-Mount Speedlight Bracket

Bring your camera as you’ll get to shoot these looks with a professional model:




Creative Light


Dark Beauty

Gelled light

Don’t miss out on this great, fun, and interactive event.

Bring your camera and lens kit; I supply all the gear and radio triggers for you to shoot with.

Till then, happy lighting!

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 3.50.06 PM