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Hi and welcome back.

I’m going to postpone my Photoshop Friday post that I forgot last week till this Friday. There is simply too much to do right now.

So for today, I’m going to show you how I shoot my natural light headshots.

I pulled these images from the archives as I always forget to take BTS shots, so I found these from a sitting a while back with Gabby.

The day was overcast and windy, so I had nice even light to work with but I always use a reflector for fill under the eyes, nose, and chin.

I’ve been favoring my Matthews Road Rags II reflector for a while as it travels so easily.

Matthews Road Rags II Arm

Matthews Road Rags II Silver/White textile

Here it is broken down and then setup:

_DSC5670 _DSC5684

So as the reflector travels so well and you can use a regular umbrella bracket to mount it, I bring it everywhere:


So for my client, Gabby, I set up my reflector and went to work.

Here is a shot from the beginning of our session and a few shots of the gear:

_DSC6633 _DSC6635 _DSC6647 _DSC6654

You can see how well the reflector works bouncing a bit of light back up under the eyes, nose, and chin.

In these shots from last Sunday, I sat Jessica down so the late afternoon sun gave her a nice hair light and the Matthews reflector just bounced enough light to open up her face and give me a great flat light:

_RVH1941_web _RVH1944_web

Pay attention to your light and use a simple reflector to get great results in your work.

If you are attending the Saturday’s workshop at Theia Studios in Boston, we’ll be shooting with the Matthews reflector.  Hope to see you there!

Theia Studios Headshot Workshop

That’s it for now.  Till next time, happy reflecting!