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I’m changing everything about this meetup.  Let’s shoot outside!  I’m sick of inside, let’s get out into this Spring weather!

We’ll meet behind the Crown St garage in New Haven.  I know it says Temple St, but meetup couldn’t find that address.

Here is a map of where we meet.  There is a courtyard right in the center of the block under the round garage ramp: it is perfect for us.  The red X marks the spot.

And without a studio expense, I am lowering the price to $100.

You can use the Paypal link above to register and pay.

I’m going back to my roots a bit and heading down the path of simple lighting with simple gear.

If you are new to speed lighting and want to learn how to get great photos with off camera flash, then join in the fun.

I’ll cover:

Radio triggers


Umbrella brackets

The convertible umbrella



and more.

Come with your questions and ideas and an open mind to learn OCF.

Want to learn a certain technique, ask me and we’ll set it up and shoot it.

Model TBD


Whomever comes in to model or style, it will be a great afternoon of OCF!  Don’t miss out.  I’ll update the page as talent confirms.

Don’t forget your camera and lenses to shoot, shoot, shoot!