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Hi and welcome back.

The next two Off Camera Flash lighting workshops are:

The Speedlight Workshop: An open workshop where I teach to your questions and ideas on lighting.   

Saturday, April 23


Studio 52 North, Middletown, CT, but I am thinking of changing this to a location lighting workshop to take advantage of the great weather.

Cost: $120.00, you can use Paypal link above to register

Model supplied.

The Headshot Workshop, NJ

I’ll be heading to Unique Photo to teach 9 headshot looks.  We’ll have 3 stations and plenty of time to break out into groups to learn each technique.

Cost: $125.00

Register Here: Unique Photo


That’s it for today.  Just want to get the word out about the next two events in April.

Get out and enjoy the day and if you can shoot, shoot, shoot!

Till next time, happy Spring!