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Hi and welcome back.

For years I have been a California Sunbounce reflector user.  The Micro Mini was the first piece of professional level gear I ever owned after my camera.

However, in my constant quest to lighten my kit, I recently discovered the Matthew Road Rags II system of flags, scrims, and reflectors.

This lightweight system is based on a small tent-pole-like setup where the arms are held together with a bungee cord.  This makes it highly portable and easy to setup and break down.

I got a 24×36 silver/white reflector panel.  Now, I carry this with me instead of my Micro Mini as the Matthews is smaller, lighter, and does the job perfectly.  Also, if you use standard umbrella brackets, then you don’t need any extra brackets to attach the reflector to a light stand.

Mathews Road Rags II

Matthews Silver/White panel

Photek Umbrella Bracket

Now to the pics.

Here is the kit as it comes right out of the box:


The frame opens and then nearly assembles itself with the bungee cord inside:


Once you have the unit assembled, it looks like this:


Then, you take the silver/white or any other Matthews panels and just evenly slip it on the long sides of the frame and slide both sides evenly until it is on fully:



Once the fabric is on, snap it into place.  The snaps hold the entire thing taut:


Once in place, you have a lightweight reflector system with the added benefit of it attaching to an umbrella bracket.  If you shoot speed lights, you already own some kind of attachment bracket.  I use the Photek brand, link above, to attach my lights to my stands.  The beauty of the reflector system, the attachment pin slips right into the umbrella slot: NO NEED FOR OTHER COSTLY BRACKETS!




Here it is assembled and ready for use:


And here I am using it at the workshop last Saturday:





Looking for an amazingly simple and effective reflector you can slip into just about any camera bag or carry-on?  Then check out the Matthews Road Rags II system, which also has scrims, flags, and silks.

I love this compact reflector and will be carrying it from now on in place of my California Sunbounce Micro Mini.

I’m running a workshop in CT on April 23, join me and see for yourself how well this thing works!

That’s it for now.  Till next time, happy reflecting!