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Hi and welcome back.

A few weeks ago I ran a 40’s Hollywood Glamour workshop at Berger Brothers Camera, Huntington, NY.

We had a great time with our model, Anastasia, who is not a professional model but who took on the challenge and did a fabulous job.

I just got two retouched photos back and wanted to share the look.  I love this look and it has become my signature style with Rogue Flashbenders.

Key: SB910, Rogue Small Flashbender as a snoot

Hair: SB800, Rogue Large Flashbender as a snoot

Back: SB800, Rogue 25º grid

Here are two finished images, both images had the same setup.  For the full body shot, we adjusted our light power and ISO to get enough light on Anastasia:



Here is a BTS shot using Set A Light 3D software.  Please note, the lighting is reversed on Anastasia, the key is camera left, hair on right, back on left, but you get the idea:

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 7.19.07 AM

Set A Light 40's Hollywood Glamour

This is the basic setup for the three light 40’s Hollywood Glamour shot.

I highly recommend that you try this at home as it is a fun technique.

That’s it for now.  Till next time, stay glamorous!