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Hi and welcome back.

Last Saturday’s Headshot Workshop was a huge and raging success.

We shot multiple looks with just speed lights and simple, easy-to-use gear.

We worked at Space4Shoots, an amazing and convenient rental studio in Manhattan.  Looking for a reasonable and well-stocked studio to rent, look no further than Space4Shoots.


As promised here is my gear list first:

Godox S Mount Speedlight Bracket

Softbox collapsible ring: Calumet QR Speedring for softbox

Triggers: Phottix Ares


Rogue Flashbenders: Expoimaging

Lightstands: Manfrotto 1052 BAC Quick stackers

Umbrella Brackets: Photek Umbrella Bracket

Umbrella: Photoflex 45” Convertible

Beauty Dish: Phottix Luna

Softbox: Bowens 60×80, box comes with S-Mount speedring so the QR ring is an extra if you want it

Reflector: California Sunbounce Micro Mini

Reflector Bracket: California Sunbounce Enterprise Bracket

Grip head: Matthews 2.5” Grip Head

Avenger 6″ Pin

Now on to some photos from the day:


Actor High Key:



Natural Light with a Reflector:

We achieved amazing looks with just a few speed lights and simple, portable gear.

Many thanks to our model Tina Scariano.

Till next time, happy speed lighting!