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Hi and welcome back.

I had a busy day yesterday and wanted to shoot food again.  So I kept it simple and shot the rest of the blueberries in a white bowl for a simple still life.

I’m getting into not only shooting but also styling the food.  This is one of the most difficult aspects of food photography.  Styling the image for so it is visually appealing and also getting the food set properly and looking great.

I have been shooting clean.  By that I mean I have not been doing any styling tricks like adding WD-40, or glycerine, or any other product to modify the food to make it look great.  There are a million styling techniques out there, but I want to keep it natural until I get the hang of the light, composition, and getting shots that are commercially viable.

Let’s take a moment to look at the background and the lighting.

For my background, I grabbed a small trap door from my neighbor.  He was remodeling is kitchen and the door ended up in the dumpster.  I saw it and grabbed it. It is old and nasty and just perfect for food work.  Unlike one of my previous posts where I painted a board, this was ready-made for me and all I needed to do was dumpster dive.

Fro my lighting, right now I’m keeping it simple.  One light, maybe two, and reflectors.  I want to mimic natural window light so my light source is large, a Chimera 36×48 white interior softbox.  My reflectors are 8×10 or 5×7 cards that were meant for frames.  I cover one side of the card with tin foil for a small white/silver reflector.

I’m also keeping my light in one location.  If I want sidelight, I simple move to one side of my table or in this case an old dresser we had in the garage.  By keeping my light in one spot, I simply move around to change my look.

Here is a finished shot:


Here is the setup.  I know it may be getting old to look at, but it is just such as simple setup that I can’t believe the results I get from one light and a few reflectors.  Plus you can see the door I got from the trash.  A perfect background for food work.

_DSC3054 _DSC3057

And here are some extra shots I finished. _DSC2968 _DSC2973 _DSC3020 _DSC3047

I love this light.  It is simple and gives me great detail and shadow on the blueberries, and the tin foil reflectors add just the right amount and touch of fill to open the shadows on the dark side of the bowl.

That’s it for now.  Till next time, stay hungry!