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Hi and welcome back.

Today’s workshop at Roger Salls Studio is a go.

Roger Salls Studio, 80 Ferry Blvd, Stratford, CT, $100.00, 3 hour headshot workshop, walk-ins welcome!  Park in rear, call or text if you can’t find us: 203-540-8821. 

Food for today:

In an effort to continue my food photography portfolio, I’m going to try and shoot one piece of food per day.

For today, I made mac and cheese and threw some broccoli florets in for color.

One of the things I’ve noticed while researching food images is that a great deal of contrasting and complimentary colors are being used.

In this image, I chose yellow mac and cheese and green broccoli.  To really isolate the yellow color of the mac and cheese, I pushed green tones: green background, green plate, linen that has yellow and green in it.  This makes a lot of green tone help the yellow really stand out


Here is how I shot it:

_DSC2580 _DSC2581 _DSC2582

I think I’m going in the right direction but need help in styling the entire scene.  This is perfect for a magazine cover as there is enough room on top and bottom for verbiage and a header.

Here are a few other proofs from the shoot:

_DSC2534 _DSC2567 _DSC2571

With a little more practice the shots will really shine.

I’m am also trying to do the work clean so that I can eat my work!  Most food stylists have a bag of tricks to keep things looking fresh like WD-40, Glycerin, and PAM, but I’d like to make my food look as real as possible.  We’ll see over time how it works out.

Thanks and till next time, happy eating!