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Hi and welcome back.

If you follow me or have taken a workshop with me, you know that I’ve gotten my speed light gear down to a science.  I like to open my bag and know exactly what to expect.

However, I’ve recently discovered the Godox S-Mount Speedlight Bracket.  While I’ve been using the Photek Umbrella bracket for many years, the Godox bracket has really opened my eyes to other gear options.

Godox Umbrella Bracket

Photek Umbrella Bracket

The Godox bracket has opened up new possibilities in shooting with multiple modifiers.  When I left my studio space, I had a box full of DIY brackets cobbled together to attache Hensel, Elinchrom, and Profoto to speed lights.  I was never aware of how much junk I had collected in an effort to get high end modifiers on speed lights.  Until now!

The Godox bracket allows you to use the most important piece of gear: the umbrella, AND, it allows you to attach any professional modifier with the Bowens S-Mount.  The Bowens S-Mount is the most copied speed-ring attachment ever.  Just look at most 3rd party lights and they come with the Bowens S-Mount.

Here is how it works:

On a Phottix Indra Monolight, the Bowens S-Mount can be seen as a three prong attachment:

_RVH1205 _RVH1206

Here is a Bowens Softbox and Phottix Reflector:_RVH1207 _RVH1209

Now, the modifiers attach into the studio light easily, notice I’ve added a Luna Beauty Dish:

_RVH1210 _RVH1211 _RVH1212

Now for the AWESOME part: the Godox bracket allows you to attach any modifier with a Bowens S-Mount just like the strobe does.

The bracket has a clamp that you screw down to install your speedlgiht and allows you to swivel the control side of the light toward you to see all of your settings.  Then, on the front is, guess what, the Bowens S-Mount.  And while these images don’t show it, you can attach your plastic omnibounce too, depending on the modifier, you may have to install it after you attach the modifier:

_RVH1213 _RVH1214 _RVH1215 _RVH1217

Now, after attaching any speed light as the size of the hole is large enough to install a Nikon SB910, I can attach any modifier with the Bowens S-Mount:

_RVH1219 _RVH1220 _RVH1221

And just to put the icing on the cake, there is a hole for an umbrella, one of my most favorite modifiers of all time:

_RVH1223 _RVH1224 _RVH1225

This is an amazing piece of speed light gear!  Now, you don’t need to cobble together a bunch of stuff from you local home center and camera shop, you can install any modifier with a Bowens S-Mount.

On top of all of this!  Bowen Lumiair Softboxes come with a complete speedring assembly ready to install on their boxes.  This is the only softbox I’ve seen that comes with a ring.  With nearly all the soft boxes on the market, you need to purchase the speeding separately.  What a bonus from Bowens:

Bowens Lumiair 20×30 softbox.

Well that’s it for today.  My two upcoming workshops in CT will be showcasing this piece of gear.  So register today as space is limited.

Just scroll down two posts and you’ll find the workshops.  Use the Paypal link above to register.

Thanks and happy shooting!