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Hi and welcome back.

Shooting corporate on location always provides challenges to you lighting setups.  You normally don’t get a big conference room or office to work in, you normally get the overcrowded conference room, small office, or even a hallway in which to work.  This provides you with some challenges to overcome to light effectively.

Yesterday I was shooting on location in Bridgeport, CT.  My client wanted white backgrounds.  So I brought along a white seamless and a background stand.  Once I got into my room, that plan went out the window.  But, as a quick alternative, I used the white wall instead of my seamless paper.

The conference room was small and filled with chairs.  Even after I moved all the chairs, it was still a small, cramped space.

Here is a proof from my shoot:


Here is how I shot it.

You can see my overall setup:

Key: SB910, Godox S-Mount bracket, Bowens 20×30 softbox

Fill: California Sunbounce Micro Mini, Silver Side

Back: 2 SB800’s, each with a large Rogue Flashbender as flags.  The light on the left is A-Clamped to the bookcase as there was not enough room for my lightstand.

These are the challenges you need to be prepared for when on location.  Fortunately, I had everything I needed in my bag, including extra A-Clamps.

_DSC2282 _DSC2283 _DSC2284 _DSC2285 _DSC2286There you have how I overcame some obstacles while shooting on location.

Saturday’s workshop in Stratford, CT is a go.  If you are interested in attending, just use the Paypal link on the top of the page.  I’ll post all the details tomorrow.  We’ll be shooting beauty and a bit of glamour creatively with speed lights and a beauty dish, the softbox above, and just grids.

Don’t hesitate to join in the fun, just join in!

Till then, happy problem solving!