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Hi and welcome back.

This quick post is on keeping your mistakes.  I rarely delete in camera and wait till I get into software.  Once on my laptop, I’m merciless and dump any image that doesn’t make the cut.

However, occasionally I keep images that are not perfect.

Case and point, this image:


This image is overexposed and blurry: PERFECT!

I had stepped out of the shooting station to take the BTS shot.  I set my camera to Program Auto and usually just boost ISO to take a quick BTS and then swap back to Manual.  This time, though, I forgot to swap back to Manual and shot 3 frames in Program Auto with the above result.

Here is the BTS.

Key: SB910, Rogue XL Pro with Deep Blue Gel

Fill: SB800, Rogue Grid holder only, no grids installed, KH Lavender Gel

Trigger: Phottix Ares


The intended shot is here, which is an unedited proof:


The lesson, don’t delete images.  Try and find something useful out of everything you shoot.

There is still room in this Saturday’s workshop, so feel free to jump in and learn how to light like this.

Till next time, happy screwing up!