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Hi and welcome back.

Again, I’d like to welcome our newest members.  Happy New Year!  I look forward to meeting new photographers this year!

2016 has already gotten off to a great start.  I awoke to two emails today: One from a new publisher wanting a book or a series of ebooks, the second email is from Photographycorner.com to teach a series of online classes and videos.  Woohoo 2016!

Don’t forget to check out the upcoming workshops for January.  Learn lighting techniques to go from beginner to advanced.

All my upcoming workshops are in the previous blog posts.

I also received an email from Set.A.Light 3D Software letting me know of their sale.  If you are not familiar with this software, it is a 3D rendering software for you lighting setups.  So you can design or create behind-the-scenes diagrams in software if you forget to take a BTS shot.

Here is the link: Set.A.Light

Here is the coupon code to save: SILV16

And here is a sample.  I simply plugged-in my model, modifiers, and settings and was able to create and export this diagram that I can send out to assistants, creatives, or just keep on hand and to teach with.  At $40.00 US, it is an amazing deal.

Four Gridded Light Beauty Headshot

Happy 2016!