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Hi and welcome back.

On Sunday, January 10, I’ll be running a beauty headshot workshop.  The beauty headshot is one of my absolute favorite things to shoot.

We’ll be shooting two different beauty looks: one clean and one with a bit harder, more direct light and creative makeup.

I’ll show you how to get amazing results with just a few speed lights and modifiers.

Here are the details: 

Location: Studio 52 North, Middletown, CT

Date: January 10, 2016

Time: 12-3

Looks: First look is clean beauty, second look is creative beauty with creative makeup

Cost: $160.00, use the link or the Paypal link on top of the page.  

Our first look is clean beauty using: 

Phottix Luna Beauty Dish

Our second look is totally creative using: 

Rogue Grids

Rogue XL Pro with the strip grid

Our model for the day is Laina:

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 11.50.18 AM

This workshop will run slightly differently.  Laina will be in hair and makeup from 11-12 so we can shoot from 12-1.  After the first look and hour of shooting, she’ll head back into styling for creative makeup and hair while we set up the second set of lights.  The second look is a very specific lighting, so we’ll all engage in setting it up to shoot and learn how to do it.

Don’t forget, all my workshops are shooting workshops so don’t forget your camera, lenses, batteries, and cards to shoot, shoot, shoot, this amazing look.

Any questions, email or call:



I hope to see you there!