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Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying family, food, and time off during this warm holiday season!

There will be several changes to the workshop format initiated in 2016.  I’ve been considering changes and have come upon a few that will alter the landscape a bit but make the events, hopefully, better.

Let’s take a look at the changes I will implement slowly in 2016:

Workshops will begin to get a bit longer in time to allow more shoot time for attendees;

Without my own studio space, costs will increase throughout the year as I move around using rental spaces before I get my own again;

I am currently limiting attendance to 10 but am considering raising prices and limiting attendance to between 5-8 to allow for more shoot time per attendee;

I am developing relationships with Anomaly and MSA models to provide professional talent for us, this will also drive cost up but will allow you to get high-end portfolio shots with pro talent;

Instead of shooting 5-8 frames per attendee, you will be allowed to shoot in blocks of time, like 5 or 10 minutes so you get more shoot experience and images;

One-on-ones will be implemented later in the year.  A 1-on-1 allows you to work with the model individually after the initial event has ended.  I’ve been reluctant to initiate this for a few reasons, but this year we are going to try it out;

More men will be photographed this year;

NYC has been a thorn in my side.  Everyone wants a workshop in NYC, but no one wants to pay the fees involved for studio rental, pro models, pro hair and makeup, travel, etc. However, I love NYC and will make and effort to run an event in the Spring;

New Gear: I am selling everything in my Profoto strobe light lineup and moving over to Bowens.  The Bowens S Mount speedring is the most copied in the world.  I’ve found a speed light speeding for $20.00 on Amazon that will mount professional modifiers and an umbrella with a Bowens Mount.  Now, I won’t have to carry around or warehouse a bunch of cobbled-together gear to go in between two lighting systems;

The One Light 101 workshop on January 9, the first of the year, will showcase the Godox Speeding and a Bowens Lumiair 20 x 30 professional softbox;

Godox speedring

Bowens Softbox with speedring

I think that is it.  I’m implementing a bunch of changes for you so your experience is better and more complete.

I’ll post some new workshops for January later today or tomorrow.

If you have any ideas or ideas for a shoot: fashion, headshot, etc., let me know and I’ll put something together.



Thanks and Happy Holidays!