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Hi and welcome back.

Last Sunday I ran a lighting workshop at Photo Connections in CT.

This was a dual light event: one station was speed lights and the other station was Westcott Spiderlite TD5’s.  They didn’t have the TD6’s, so we had 5’s.

Well, I have to say the Westcott Spiderlites stole the show for me.  I’ve shot home made constant lights but not anything ever like the TD series lights.

Westcott TD6’s

The light out them in incredible, soft, and so pleasing to the eye and skin that they are worth the investment.

Here are some sample, straight-out-of-the-camera proof images and BTS shots.

My first look was key and edge:

_DSC1184 _DSC1204

The second look was a wall of light to emulate open shade:

_DSC1287 _DSC1307

With the third look, I wanted to explore gels and coloring the light.  On the edge light I placed a Rosco Blue Gel over the fluorescent bulbs and then used Tungsten White Balance to push color to a desaturated blue tone:

_DSC1402 _DSC1404

These are all proof images.  Maddy’s skin looks fabulous under such soft light.

Here is a quick review:


Amazing quality of light

Adjustable from 2 to 6 lights for key and fill output


Large softboxes

What you see is what you get

Perfect for single or small family portraits


Need to shoot at high ISO for a decent aperture.  These images are at ISO 800, 1/60 @ 5.6

Hard to travel with as the base and bulb setup seems that it won’t take a lot of abuse

A bit awkward till you get the hang of them


I love these lights.  If I were to get them, I’d get a few TD6’s and be off and running with beautiful light.

That’s it for now.  Till next time, Happy Thanksgiving!!