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Hi and welcome back.

Last weekend was the PDN Photoplus Expo in NYC.  I was presenting only for Expoimaging this year, so I spent my 5 presentations with them over the 3 days.  This was great as last year I ran around like crazy and didn’t even see the show.  This year I spent time at the show and took a look around and saw contacts from various manufacturers.

Kevin from Expoimaging gave each photographer more time this year, almost 45 minutes per photog.  This allowed each of us to offer more Q+A and to demo 2-3 lighting looks, which was great for attendees.

Kevin also surprised us with new backgrounds.  For years we used the same mottled gray backdrop, and honestly it was boring.  This year they had a smaller booth, so they brought a white/gray and a two sided patterned pop-up from Lastolite.  This gave us so much more opportunity for different looks and was just great.

I was honored this year to present alongside such great talent as Rick Friedman, Bobbie Lane, Erik Valind, and Jeff Rojas.  We had a blast.

We had professional model Julie Dawson with us for the three days and it was a joy to work with her.

For me, on Thursday, I shot a 3 light setup and went down to a one light setup.

For my 3 light setup, I went with:

Key: Rogue XL Pro with diffusion screen

Hair: Rogue XL Pro as strip grid with a 1/4 CTO gel to add a bit of warmth to the hair on the right

Fill: Large Rogue Flashbender to open up the background but keep light from kicking back into the camera

I finished the photo in Alien Skin and cleaned it in Photoshop

Expoimaging Photoplus Expo Julie Dawson Thursday 10 22 2015_0304-Exposure

For my next look, I went with one light.  I used a single light high and overhead while the model went right up against the background:

Key: Rogue XL Pro with diffusion screen

Expoimaging Photoplus Expo Julie Dawson Thursday 10 22 2015_0642-Exposure

The difference from 3 lights to one is noticeable.  With three lights, you have separation from the background, with one light on the background you don’t get that.  So the looks are uniquely different.

Many thanks to everyone at Expoimaging and to all my colleagues shooting there.  It was a great year and I look forward to next year.