Hi Everyone,

It has been a long, long time since I have blogged at all about photography.

With my injury in April came a 3 month cessation of work while on Workman’s Comp.  Then, I came out of recovery right into my slow season: Ugh!  Then I moved out of my studio and am currently studio-less.  That has been a tough thing to get over.

I am finally getting things back in order and will be posting again.  As I’ve not been shooting all that much as I’m in a rebuild phase, I will be pulling images from the past out and teaching with them until I get back shooting on a regular basis.

For today’s post, I will show you a technique I had been working on in the past and think I’m going to revisit for next week at the Photoplus Expo.

Photoplus Expo, Jacob Javits Center, October 22-24

If you are attending the Photoplus Expo next week, then stop by the Expoimaging booth at #134, right behind the Canon booth along the side wall.

Here’s my schedule to present, so if you are there try and stop by to say hello:

Thursday, 12:30-1:15 and 4:15-5

Friday, 12:30-1:15 and 3:00-3:45

Saturday, 12:30-1:15

Today’s technique is a combination of two modifiers to get a unique look.  I had explored this look a long time ago and want to explore it again.

Rogue Flashbenders give off a deep shadow, so if you like the contrasty shadows then that is great.  But I wanted to keep the shadows but also soften the light.  Trying to keep a light kit is always the goal.

So I took a Rogue XL Pro mounted on my SB910 and just placed a 45″ shoot through umbrella in front of it.  This way I kept the shadows I wanted but just softened the light as it passed through the umbrella.

Here is a BTS:

_DSC0152 1

Here are two images from the shoot.  You can see the shadows under her nose, chin, and arm, but the shadows have been softened.  So I have deep shadow detail but with softer lighting:

_DSC0118-ExposureWell that’s it for today.

As I make my slow come back, I’ll be uploading more images from previous jobs and getting back into teaching.

Thanks for stopping by!