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Hi and welcome back.

This past weekend I traveled to The Photo Center in Brocktown, NJ to run a small flash workshop.

If you were there, it was a great and fun event!

My next workshop in the area is on April 25 at Camera’s Etc in Delaware:

Camera’s Etc

On Saturday, we did a host of looks:

Bounce Flash, Umbrella, Over and Under, and of course 40’s Hollywood Glamour.

We used single light sources until the 3 light Hollywood Glamour.  I’ll have a full post on that style of light tomorrow.

Many thanks to Jeff and the crew at the Photo Center and Kat our model.

There is something to be said about the simplicity of a single speedlight and reflective umbrella:


Then we went to over and under lighting or clamshell lighting with a single speed light, shoot through umbrella, and a California Sunbounce Micro Mini reflector, silver side up:


Then we did simple bounce flash.  Just take your flash and use a small Rogue Flashbender as a 1/2 snoot and bounce your light into the ceiling, just as you would do  with on camera flash:


And finally we shot my absolute favorite: 40’s Hollywood Glamour using 3 speed lights and a complement of Rogue Flashbenders.  I’ll have a fuller post tomorrow.


If you are a speed lighter and want to learn these techniques, join in the fun in Delaware or anywhere else you find me.  I’m always teaching around the country.

Till I meet you in person, happy shooting!!