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Hi and welcome back!

For today, I’m posting on an event I ran with Milford Photo and Phottix.  This was a dual event with speed lights and the new Indra 500 moonlight.

Milford Photo


The workshop was split into two sessions.  The morning session was basic speed lighting only using one light and a reflector.  The second session and the topic of tomorrow’s post, part 2, is from the afternoon session using more advanced techniques.  Part 3 will arrive next week when images are back from the retoucher.

So for Part 1, we’ll take a look at simple one light setups.  I usually take a BTS shot, but the action was fast and the crowd inquisitive, so I forgot to take them; however, I’m adding diagrams for you.

Our first look with our model Alyssa, is a basic one light portrait on a simple muslin backdrop.

I lit Alyssa in the typical one light format: key on 45 x 45 axis to the subject and Lastolite Tri Grip reflector on a light stand.

Here is the shot:

Exposure: 1/125 @ f/4, ISO 200, WB Daylight

Flash: Phottix Mitros Plus, Ares trigger, set to Manual Mode at 1/4 power





After all the attendees went through the station and shot frames with this look, I quickly changed to a modified Over and Under Beauty or Clamshell setup.

One way of shooting the over and under look and a way that I use a great deal is to put yourself in between the key light and the subject.  In other words, the light is actually behind you.

When shooting this look, you need to pay attention to exposure, especially with speed lights.  With a moonlight, you have enough power to keep exposure at a reasonable setting, like 1/200 @ f/5.6, ISO 200.

With a speed light, you’ll need to adjust aperture and ISO to account for the limited power of the flash.

Exposure: 1/125 @ f/5.6, ISO 400, WB Daylight

Flash: Phottix Mitros Plus, Phottix Luna Beauty Dish, Phottix Ares Trigger





I did basic retouches on these images. The finals are out to true retouching.

Part 2 tomorrow will show you different setups using multiple lights and mixing flash with strobe/monolight.

Thanks for stopping by!  Till next time, happy Spring!