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Hi and welcome back.

I happened across triangle lighting for headshots about 4 years ago.  I started using it in place of a ring light.  Why carry around a ring light and all that comes with it when instead I can use and control 3 lights individually and get nearly the same result.

Shooting with Megan, I decided on using this look to get great, smooth, even light on her face.

The key to this setup is getting your lights set in a triangle and then setting the output to the same power level.  I usually use Manual Mode at 1/8 power to give me an exposure of about 1/200 at f/7.1 to 8 depending on skin tone.

The trump card here is the bottom light.  Sometimes, depending on the shape of the face, you need to turn the light a bit downward to avoid up shadows or turn the power down a bit so the up shadows are no longer seen.

I use three Rogue Flashbender 2’s with diffusion panels for that soft yet contrasty light.

Here I have 2 Phottix Odins, 1 SB910, all triggered by Phottix Ares.

Here is a proof image.  Notice the shape of the catchlights in her eyes:

_RVH2265Here is the setup.

Three lights in triangular formation, each set to the same power setting, Rogue Flashbender 2 XL Pro’s with diffusion panels.

_RVH2255 _RVH2256Want a ring light look without the expense and trouble of a ring light?  Then this setup is a great alternative.

That’s it for now.

Till next time, happy shooting.