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Hi and welcome back.

WPPI again was amazing this year.  Despite what seemed to be low attendance numbers, the show was a success.

As a result, I’m energized and jazzed up to really get 2015 underway, especially here in the Northeast where the snow seems to be never-ending!

The highlight for me was the new Profoto B2.  if you are a Profoto shooter, this, like the B1, is a game-changer!

Profoto B2

The other highlights come in the form of software.

Alien Skin will be making it’s way into my workflow this year: Alien Skin

Pixellu album building software will be added: Pixellu

And finally, with a beautiful selection of books at great prices, Redtree Albums will become my album choice for all my jobs: Redtree (I simply love the Linen bound books)

Here are a few proofs from my last day working at WPPI.

With Expoimaging, I did the three light triangle and a 4 light shot with just grids.

Many thanks to Cassie for modeling:

Cassandra Biasotti Expo WPPI 2 03 4 2015_0613 Cassandra Biasotti Expo WPPI 03 4 2015_0478


With Phottix, I was teaching a 3 light setup and really trying to show the strip softbox and grid.  Many thanks to Daniela for modeling:

Daniela Torman Phottix WPPI 03 4 2015_0538

On a side note, if you ever get to Las Vegas or to WPPI, try to take a day off and make the trip to the Valley of Fire National Park or the Hoover Dam.  We visited both on Sunday and it was wonderful to see our Nation’s beauty and industry on display:

Valley of Fire:



Hoover Dam:



These two wonders are a short drive from the Las Vegas Strip and worth the trip.

That’s it for now.  Till next time, happy shooting!