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Hi and welcome back.

My workshop tomorrow, “One Light 101” is a go!  If you are interested, there are still spots available.


One Light 101, multiple lighting looks with 1 speedlight

Location: My studio, 233 Boston Post Rd, Orange, CT

Time: 11-3

Cost: $120.00, Register with the Paypal link above

Bring your camera to learn technique and shoot for portfolio.

Ely is our model:


On to a regular post.

Yesterday JD came in for updated headshots.  She was amazing and really knew how to pose, so we knocked out what we needed quickly and then decided to do something a bit more creative.

Our first look was the one light high key look I’ve fallen in love with.  This is so simple.  Put your subject right against a wall and just shoot.  I also remembered BTS shots for you.

Set your reflector about mid-chest height and stand in between the light source and your subject for beautiful, simple, elegant high key light.

Here I used a Lastolite Tri Grip.  All images taken with the new Phottix Indra, 36″ silver-lined beauty dish with diffusion, and triggered by the Phottix Odin.

_RVH0147 _RVH0194 _RVH0196Then I did a more glamorous wrapping light using the Lastolite Tri Lite MK II.

I love this reflector for its wrapping quality of light.

_RVH0246 _RVH0265 _RVH0266Once you’ve gotten the images your client wants, try to do something different and creative.  Not only will you please your client with and extra look, but you may surprise yourself with succeeding in doing a look you may not have considered.

Here, I put up a black felt backdrop and set my light high and aimed down for super dramatic light and a great black backdrop:

_RVH0369 1 _RVH0369 _RVH0397 _RVH0398That’s it for today.

I hope to see you soon and if you want to come in to tomorrow’s one light workshop, we’ll be doing these types of looks with just a speed light.

Register with the above Paypal link.  

Till next time, happy shooting!