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Hi and welcome back.

My shoot with Megan on Tuesday went swimmingly!

We worked in several different styles to give her the beginnings of her model portfolio.

Here are a few shots from our sitting:

High Key Beauty.  I’ve been working on several different ways to shoot this look and have really fallen in love with this simple one light setup.  I place my subject right against a white wall, I set my strobe light high and above but behind me for frontal flat light, and then I set a silver reflector right about chest height.  The look is clean, high key, and the light is perfect:

Phottix Indra, 36″ Silver-Lined Beauty Dish with diffusion, Lastolite Tri Grip silver side up:



For another look, I broke out my fluorescent lights.

I built these lights from an online tutorial I found here:

Joe Edelman

Please note, the only drawback to the DIY System is that the T8 bulbs are not perfectly color balanced.  So each bulb is not the same temperature across the board. Even with a custom White Balance, I have to adjust the WB in Post to get it accurate.

Two years ago I built these units, but I have since found these at HTG Supply.  These units are complete and, I believe, have better color balance.  I have not tried them, but their value is excellent and I’m considering getting a set:

HTG Supply

For now, I’m using the Joe Edelman DIY version.  I love the light and it costs about $300.00 for two lights compared to $1,200.00 for one 4′ Kino Flo.

Here are two proofs.  You can see the cateye catchlights in her eyes and how I have the lights set vertically for beautiful, smooth, flat light:

_RVH9829 _RVH9862 1I forgot to take a BTS shot, but here is one from stock:

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 9.04.40 AMThat’s it for today.

I took out my fluorescents for the first time in a long time and have fallen back in love with them.  Look for upcoming posts on using them professionally and maybe even the lights from HTG Supply.

Also, I’m super busy putting together my Spring workshop schedule.  I’m keeping close this year and holding back on a lot of far travel, so I’ll be sticking mostly to the East Coast.

Look for workshops here:

Photopia, Miami

Pitman Photo, Miami

Cameras ETC, Delaware

10two5 Studio, Philadelphia

TF Camera, NJ

Summit Camera, NJ

and of course in NYC and CT

That’s it for now, till next time, happy shooting!