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Hi and welcome back.

One of the most versatile tools in your lighting kit is or should be gels.

Gels correct for color temperature shifts or add color to an image.  I love the Rogue Gel kits as I can now carry a bunch of gel colors in a nice carry case that I never carried before, like Rose, Purple, Yellow, Green, Blue, etc:

Rogue Gel Kit

Alyssa came to me a with an idea for a colored look.

I set up 3 SB800’s and covered them all with Rogue Gels to achieve the look.

Backlight: SB800, Rogue Full CTO, Rogue 45 degree grid

Left Edge: SB800, Rogue Full CTO, Rogue XL Pro strip box

Front Fill: SB800, Rogue 1/2 CTO, Rogue XL Pro with diffusion panel

Here’s an sample:



And here’s the BTS shots of the gels:

_RVH7363 _RVH7364


The setup is a bit complex and the back/hair light, which is actually the key light, took a bit to set up in the correct position.  Once we had it, we nailed it!

The backdrop is black felt I got from Joanne Fabrics.  I like felt as it absorbs all of the light and gives you true black on the background.

The Rogue Gel kits open up a new wave of creative outlets for you as you can color your light for any need.

Well that’s it for today.  Till next time, happy shooting!