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Hi and welcome back.

If you missed last Saturday’s workshop at Studio 28 on 27 in NYC, you missed out on a great event!

We shot all speed lights and just had a blast with simple gear.  Before I post images, I’m going to post an updated 2014 small flash gear kit.

I took the train to NYC with only two bags: one for my camera and flashes and one for lighting modifiers.  I pretty much traveled with a full studio in just these two bags.

So here’s the gear I brought for OCF:


1 Nikon SB910 with SD9 Battery Pack

2 Nikon SB800’s with SD8A Battery Packs

Phottix Ares Triggers

1” Black Gaffer Tape

Roller Bag:

Tenba 36” Roller Bag

6 Manfrotto 1052 BAC Quickstacker lightstands

1 Manfrotto 122B Background/kicker lightstand

2 Matthews 40” Hollywood Grip Arms

6 Lumopro LP633 or Photek Umbrella Brackets

2 Photoflex 45” Convertible Umbrellas

1 Westcott Apollo 43” Orb

1 Westcott Apollo Strip Softbox

2 Rogue Flashbender XL Pros

1 Rogue Flashbender XL Pro with Grid attachment, due out in January 2015

2 Large Rogue Flashbenders

2 Rogue Gel kits

1 Rogue Grid

1 California Sunbounce Micro Mini Silver/White Reflector

1 California Sunbounce Enterprise Grip head

1 California Sunbounce Sunmover Silver/White Reflector

Extra gear in bag:

1 Leatherman Utility tool from Lowe’s

6 Spring hand clamps

Bag of Zip Ties, misc binder clips, Velcro


Now to some images:

Single Speedlight and reflector headshot


Two Speedlight into two reflective umbrellas for key and fill simple fashion and commercial looks

_RVH4929 _RVH4931Single speedlgight with Westcott Orb for an in scene editorial headshot:

_RVH4958 1And then we did over and under commercial on a white wall.  Key was a Westcott Orb, kicker or fill was a Westcott Strip

_RVH4983Well that’s it for now.

I’ll be running another one of these OCF workshops in January back in NYC.  If you are interested, stay tuned and tell your friends.  We did a lot in only a few hours.

Till next time, happy shooting!