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Hi and welcome back.

My last post was on mounting the California Sunbounce reflector to a light stand.  Now let me show you how to use it for natural light photography.

Being able to mount a reflector allows you to work alone and have a stable platform for your reflector.  You don’t need to have your subject hold it, have it precariously balanced on a knee or against a wall or rock or chair, or have an assistant.

This is how I shoot most of my natural light shots.  I set the reflector, white or silver side depending on amount of fill and contrast needed, low and then position it to the best angle to get the fill I want.


These two shots were taken in the same location with the same system:








This last shot was taken in my driveway.  We headed to the beach for our session but the light was so strong and reflecting off of the sand, we decided to head over to the shade of my home.  In the driveway I set a bench and a small bucket so she could put her foot up.  I set my reflector the same was as above and got the shot:


I’ve been shooting  more and more natural light lately and love the simplicity of a camera, lens, and a simple modifier.

Till next time, happy shooting!