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Hi and welcome back.

Last weekend I ran a workshop on the Steam Punk look.

I had not really experienced this look until I saw it on America’s Next Top Model, then I wanted to do it.

We worked at the Shoreline Trolley Museum, East Haven, CT and shot on period trolleys.  The red trolley was built in 1899 and the brown trolley was built in 1862.  How fitting for the steam punk look than to shoot on real period style trolleys.

Many thanks to John and Nathan from the Shoreline Trolley Museum, Madlyn our model who came with the steam punk look, and Kimberly of Salon Bordeaux for hair and makeup.

I used all location strobes for this one as I wanted plenty of power and quick recycle times.


Profoto 300 ws compact and Acute 600e with 3 heads

Profoto Beauty Dish

Photek 46″ Softlighter

Profoto 20 degree grid

Here are a few shots from the day.

Our first look was one light only using a Photek Softlighter:




Here’s a proof with that dark and edgy light:


One of the pitfalls of shooting on location, traffic from museum attendees:


Our next look on this trolley included a second light underneath the wheels and a smoke machine to make it look like the model was in a working station:


For the next look, I want a lot of light to really show detail and interest, so I went with 4 lights and the fog machine:


Here’s the setup, you can see the beauty dish up high, two strobe heads on the ground for front light, and another behind the model with a grid:


This was one of the best workshops I’ve run because of the creativity involved and the unique look.

I’ll run another in the Summer or Fall, so stay tuned and join in the fun!!