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Hi and welcome back.

I returned home from LA and the Big Photo Show and a full day of jet lag only to be off tomorrow morning to the Henry’s Exposure Show in Toronto.  Whew, what a week!


Henry’s is a Canadian base retailer with over 20 stores in the Eastern half of the country.  I’m proud go be honored to speak at the Exposure show, which for those of you on the East Coast of the US would compare to the Photoplus Expo in NYC.

This year all three presentations are on small flash photography, and I’m looking forward to it.

Here are a few proofs from The Big Photo Show last weekend in LA.  Many, many thanks to everyone at Expoimaging, Brandi Carlos the HMUA, and of course Elizabeth Michelle for being a wonderful model for the two days.

This event turned into the gel event, with a great deal of shots taken with Rogue Gels to demonstrate the versatility of the kit and how you can change the look of an image with added color.

Enjoy and till next time, happy shooting!  Oh, maybe I’ll see you in Toronto, Eh!