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Hi and welcome back.

I’ve not photographed events professionally since I decided to take a break from them in August of 2011.

Well, I’m moving back into event work and wedding photography this year.  I decided to take a break to pursue my career in photography education, but I’ve been inspired after attending WPPI this year to get back into events and weddings.

Two weeks ago I shot Harrison’s Bar Mitzvah, my first event of 2014.  i’m making a slow return, so this was a good start early in the year.

As soon as I walked into the space, I was immediately reminded of one of the reasons I left event work: the lighting in the space.  The job was at Studio 8 in Milford, CT.  The room was dark and orange and purple to reflect Harrison’s love of Basketball.

Here’s what I saw when I walked in: Uggh!


I realized that I was going to need to add lighting to the scene to make any of it work as it was so dark and colorful.  So I set up two Nikon SB800’s in the corners of the room and gelled them with Rogue Gels.  The Rogue Gel kit is the most comprehensive travel gel kit i’ve seen.  It has crazy cool colors and just what I needed to execute the job in front of me.

Rogue Gel Kit

So I took the two colors that matched the best.  I used Dark Salmon to match the orange and Deep Purple to match the purple in the space.


These two colors matched very close to what I saw and allowed me to use on camera flash and off camera flash for the event.  I used Pocket Wizard Plus 2’s and 3’s for the triggering, which allowed me to turn the on camera flash off and use only the back light or turn off the back light an only use only on camera flash.  This worked wonderfully and I was able to capture and freeze event dancing with all the lights firing or only selective lights firing.

Here, all the lights are on:


Here, only the backlights are firing:


And here, the backlights are firing, adding cross light for the break dancer and backlight to open the background with my on camera flash turned off:



My initial idea for a slow move back into weddings and events threw me into the lighting fray immediately, but I took a few notes and ideas from what I learned at WPPI and handled the job with a calm, cool, collected demeanor and drew upon my lighting experience to light and shoot the job handily.

Looking for a wedding or event photographer?  I’m getting back into it so don’t hesitate to contact me for dates and rates.

Till next time, I’m gellin’, you?