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Hi and welcome back.

A large part of my life in photography is teaching lighting in the workshop format.  If you’ve never taken a workshop, take a few.  You get to meet other photographers, work with great people, and, if you choose the right workshop, get hands-on experience.

My workshops and presentations have been held across the country: NYC, NJ, CT, MA, WI, OH, PA, MD, VA, CA, NV, and Toronto, CA, with an expansion this year.

So what’s it like at a workshop?  Well here are a few behind-the-scenes photos of how it works.

I teach lighting, posing, and among other things interacting with your client or subject.  The last part is crucial so you can build a rapport and trust between you and someone who may not be comfortable in front of the camera.

Here are a few shots sent to me by Jeannette from Photo Connections in CT.  She took them with her Lensbaby so they are not perfect.

If you want to shop local in CT, check them out: Photo Connections, Colchester, CT.

This series of shots came from a workshop called: “One Speedlight, 16 Looks”, where I teach 16 lighting looks with one speed light.

Here’s my companion book: One Speedlight, 16 Looks

The most important part: Have Fun!

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