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Hi and welcome back.

A few weeks ago I photographed Laurel for a body transformation project she was doing in order to become a fitness model.

I love shooting fitness.  It highlights the physicality of the human form at its peak of performance.

We rented the small studio space at Photo Connections in Colchester, so I have to thank Mike and Jeanette for doing that for us.

Onto the shoot.  I used my Hensel strobes here for plenty of power and fast recycle times, plus I did multiple lighting looks so I had to bring along a lot of different gear.  I wasn’t able to take BTS shots as the space was so small, but I did diagrams for you to see.

One of our very first shots is my total favorite.  Laurel was prepping and I was testing light position.


Edge lighting-diagram-1394743181

For our second look, we went for the magazine cover, something like you would see on a Shape or Fitness magazine.  High key with a fun, simple pose.




High Key lighting-diagram-1394742799

Then we went to a more detailed look.  I wanted to highlight body parts to show her musculature and shape.


Detail lighting-diagram-1394799805


Finally, we ended with the P90X high contrast shots showcasing her back.  For these shots she oiled up using and old bodybuilder trick: Pam Cooking Spray.


Back lighting-diagram-1394799749

That’s about it.  The fitness shoot encompasses a lot of fun detail to really bring out the physique.  It’s fun and inspiring!!

Till next time, get fit for Summer!