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Hi and welcome back.

I’m always on the lookout for new ways to light my clients.  While I may never use a particular setup, I keep trying new things to improve my work and add new ideas to my repertoire.  When I teach my workshops and classes, I stress to my students that you may never use a particular technique, but it is always good to experience it so that it now exists in the back of your mind.

I found this lighting technique on the Profoto blog one afternoon and decided to try it.  I don’t own all the gear that they used, but I achieved the same look with what I had.

Profoto Blog Videos

I liked how the light was contrasty and smooth without using a hard source, like a ring light, which can be obtrusive on the camera and harsh on the subject as each blast of light is bright and unforgiving.

Here’s my setup:

3 Hensel Integra 500’s

2 1×4 strip softboxes

1 16×18 softbox

2 Matthews 40″ C-Stands with Hollywood Grip Arms

1 older Impact 8′ lightstand





This is a different take on the ring light.  I liked the overall output and quality of light from the setup; however, I think a 3 or 4 foot strip soft box would do better as the bottom light.

Here’s a straight-out-of-the-camera proof, showing the catchlights and how the light is soft, filling, and has that beautiful contrast of a ring light without its harshness and telltale round catchlight.

_RVH2707 1

I enjoyed practicing with this light setup as it is really a unique take on the traditional over and under beauty light setup.  It was fun and I would definitely use it on a client who wants that soft, flattering, smooth light.

Keep trying new techniques.  You never know, you may just find a new method to add to your lighting repertoire or even take a hint from one technique and use it with another.

That’s it for now.  Till next time, keep it new and fresh!