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Hi and welcome back.

My video on Youtube on shooting the 40’s Style Hollywood Glamour shot with speed lights went online yesterday.

Here’s the link:

On another, sadder note, Calumet Photographic has shut down it’s US operations.  With about 15 stores in the US, Calumet was a huge operation where I ran workshops in MA, VA, MD, PA, and NYC.

Calumet was an institution in the photographic retail marketplace and was a wonderful retailer to do business with.

I had the pleasure of working with them and will miss going to those locations.

The message here: BUY LOCAL.  Not Best Buy, but shop, purchase, and spend the tax money with your local retailers to keep them in business, like Milford Photo, Photo Connections, Camera Wholesalers, Camera Bar, and Barn Door Lighting.  Keep the doors to the local guys open.

That’s it for now.  I’ll have more images from WPPI, my last workshop, and a fitness shoot soon.

Till next time: Shop Local!!