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Hi and welcome back.

I’m here in sunny Las Vegas presenting at WPPI, the biggest conference and trade show for the wedding and portrait industry.

My first stop yesterday was Expoimaging.  I used a Rogue XL Pro for a simple, single light portrait of Leticia.

WPPI Leticai Esparza 3 3 20142361Then I headed over to the BH Photo booth and shot Jaffet under mixed light.  Key light is a Bowens Travelite with beauty dish and sock.  Back lights for high key are two SB800’s with Rogue Flashbenders as flags.

WPPI BH Photo Jaffet Haro 3 3 20122402Then is was off to Phottix where I shot Veronica under the Luna Beauty dish and a 1×4 strip soft box with grid.  Both were using the new Mitros Plus flash and Phottix Odin for TTL shooting.

WPPI Veronica Sanchez Phottix 3 3 20142469Finally, I headed over to Unique PHoto and used the new Westcott Zeppelin Parabolic Softbox with Westcott Strobe attached.

WPPI Leticia Esparza Unique 3 3 20142495It was a busy day of shooting and teaching lighting.

I had the awesome opportunity to shoot with the new Phase One 645 DF+ with the IQ250 50 megapixel back.  It was amazing.  Tiff images from this file are 249 mb!  I guess for $50,000.00 you should get a big file.

Till next time, happy shooting!