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Hi and welcome back.

This past weekend I had two workshops that were just spectacular.

In the studio, we shot beauty and glamour with Julie.  She was awesome and I love the high contrast b/w head shots:

Nikon D3, 105 f/2 DC Lens


Phottix Ares Triggers

Westcott 43″ Orb

_RVH1268 _RVH1274


Then I headed to Unique Photo in Fairfield, NJ on Sunday for a full day workshop on fashion, beauty, and glamour.

We got great shots during this Westcott sponsored event and used the:

28 Apollo

43″ Orb


Rapid Box

_RVH1398 _RVH1399 _RVH1408 _RVH1435 _RVH1445



Tomorrow I head to BH Photo for 40’s Hollywood glamour and then to the Camera Club of NY to run a short shooting event.  I’m bringing my speed lights and join in the fun to shoot with a great model a few different lighting looks.


Don’t miss out on this great and fun shooting and portfolio building event with a seasoned pro, Richelle, who is represented by Ford and MSA.

Hope to see you there!

Till next time, happy Spring!