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Hi and welcome back.

On January 17 and 18 I’ll be running consecutive glamour workshops at Berger Camera’s Learning Center, Huntington, Long Island.

If you shoot glamour or want to learn or add to your portfolio, then join in the fun!

You can register here or call Victoria at Berger: (631)-264-4160

Berger Glamour

Right after, I’ll be in NYC running anther Glamour workshop on January 25.  I’ll be renting space and teaching everything you need to add glamour to your business or portfolio.  Professional NYC talent and Stylist will be on site.

For all the details, call or email: 203-641-2880 or rvh34@hotmail.com

Hope to see you there!

Now on to lighting.

For Mackenzie’s head shots, we did a few different lighting techniques and got different results.  She also changed from something less formal to a black dress; much more formal.

In the first shot, I did a simple 4 light setup using my Key in the traditional 45×45 setting with a reflector for fill.  I’ve been using more and more light lately to wrap my subject and add edge separation light.

Key and strip boxes are Hensel 500’s

Background is a 20 degree grid and Hensel 1200 Porty

Here’s the BTS:



4 Light Standard Headshot


Here’s a final:

_RVH8070 web


After knocking out the basic shot in the classic style, I switched to the over and under beauty shot.  Key above is the Hensel 500 with a Phottix Luna Beauty dish and California Sunbounce Micro Mine reflector below.  Edge lights are the same as before.


4 Light Beauty Headshot


You can see not only the difference in the light as the large soft box light is a bit softer and warmer than the second shot where the beauty dish is a bit cooler and has more contrast, especially with the silver reflected fill from below.

_RVH8144 web


I prefer the look and light of the second shot for a more glamour type beauty look.  She needed images for a dance competition: Good Luck Mackenzie!!

That’s it for now.  Till next time, stay glamorous!!