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Hi and welcome back.

Right before Christmas, Elizabeth came into the studio for a few updated headshots.

She chose one of my longer sittings so we had a lot of time to do a bunch of different looks and lighting scenarios.

Let’s get to it!

All shots Nikon D3, 105 f/2 DC Lens

Here’s the BTS of our initial shots.  I love the simplicity of a single light portrait with a reflector.

All strobes Hensel Integra 500’s.  Chimera 36×48 softbox as key, California Sunbounce Micro Mini as fill, Creative Light 1×4 strip softboxes for background, Hensel 20 degree grid.

Single Light Headshot 7617


Here’s a proof:

_RVH7617 copy_1


Once we knocked out the simple shot, we went to One Light High Key.  I love shooting this look against a white wall as it is so simple yet effective.  Pose your subject right against the wall, set your light and reflector in one place, and then work around your subject for multiple looks.

Single Light Against the Wall 7861


_RVH7861 copy_1Then I pulled Elizabeth off the wall and lit is separately with two strobes for the NYC/LA commercial high key look:

3 Light Strobe High Key 7777


_RVH7777 copy_1


Finally, since the weather was so nice just before the holiday, we shot a few frames outside.  I have this small alcove that is just perfect for this look.  I use the natural light coming in from above for hair and a silver reflector for bounced light as key.

Natural Light Studio Back Steps 7913


Here’s a proof from outside.  I love shooting this look.

_RVH7913 copy_1


That’s it!  Shooting with Elizabeth was a joy.  She chose the longer sitting so we had ample time to get amazing shots under a multitude of lighting setups.

Need headshots, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Till next time, if you are in the path of winter storm Hercules, happy shoveling out!!

If you are where it’s warm, I’m jealous!