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Hi and welcome back.

Before I get to the last post on the workshops and demos at Unique Photo, I wanted to say something about the digital world.

Through my various events and workshops and the like, I’ve come into contact with photographers from all around the globe: and it is great!  The web is such a great way to get the word out and meet new people like:

Martin from the UK, Alican from Istanbul, and Ibrahim from Saudi Arabia.

Being able to speak to so many across such long distances is such a great pleasure!

Now on to the post.

This is the final post on Unique Photo.  I was so busy and shot so much there that I’m now just wrapping up all the techniques I showed.

For this technique, it’s 40’s Glamour.  One of my favorites with speed lights.

Rae modeled for me and looked so much like Audrey Hepburn it was just amazing!

Ok, this is a tough one to do.  You need to aim your lights precisely and then adjust exposure as you go.  I don’t use diffusion domes on my speed lights so the light is hard and fast and similar to the hotlights used in the original style photos of Joan Crawford, etc.

The key light modifier is a Small Rogue Flashbender rolled into a snoot.  Hair is a Large Rogue Flashbender rolled into a snoot.  Background is usually a Rogue 25 degree grid, but I change that up as needed.

Here’s the BTS:

3 Light 40's Glamour


I often shoot this look and adjust everything as I go.  I also set my lighting and then move around the subject, turning the subject into and out of the light so as to create dramatic shadows and hard loop lighting.

I usually finish my images in Totally Rad Actions Portrait Retouch V2, then go to B/W with Totally Rad Bitchen B/W, and then add a glamour glow in Nik Color Effex Pro.

This is a fun and dramatic lighting technique that I highly recommend you try.

Here’s a final of Rae.

Unique Melanie Blue 12 15 20132195_pp


That’s it for now.  Till next time, if you live in the way of Snowstorm Hercules, have fun digging out!!